13 de enero de 2009

Nuevos Movimientos en T6 BR

Sin duda este juego ya a sufrido cambios desde el tekken 6 a esta nueva versión. El documento expuesto en este post, se encuentran en ingles, hay cosas que son fáciles de entender y otras que se necesita saber exactamente los comando básico como el f,b,d,u etc.

Sin dudas hay cambios importante en muchos personajes, lo mas probable que en este juego se busque algo de equilibrio, habrá que ver la versión final de PS3, si seguirán mas cambios o no.

A continuación el texto extraído de Tekken Zaibatsu

*=Significa que el personaje a sufrido cambios o mejoras.

System changes:

- Many graphical improvements resulting in "motion blur" and "slower gameplay"...
- Most characters standard combos do around 30% damage compared to their 40-50% 6.0 counterparts
- Wall slump has been reduced meaning that after 3rd hit on the wall the opp. will start to fall very fast making some devastating 6.0 wall combos obsolete
- Breakable walls allow free combo i.e. if wall is broken during a combo then opp. will slowly fall towards you allowing you to continue the combo
- Low parry goes immediately into bound status significantly reducing the damage you can get on opp. after a low parry


WS+2 is -13
d/f+4 is -16
FC f+2 hitbox reduced
f+2+3 damage increased
FC d/f+2 damage decreased

New moves
CAT d/b+3,3 [l,h] NC, jab punishable
WS+3 new animation, similar to WS+4 hold ~B to transition to CAT
SS+3 hits grounded, safe, Bounds


d/b+3 trip on NH no KND, juggle on CH
d+3+4,3 can be interrupted by WS+4's
d/f+2 -12, lost tracking to his left
b+2,1 -12
d/b+2,3 -16
WS+1, d/f+1 combos don't work, WS+1, d/f+3 to d+2 B! is new staple

New moves
d/b+2,3 [m,m] NCc, safe due to pushback, jab punishable near walls
SS+2,1 [m,m] NC, Bounds into a combo, leaves opp. in FC on block, -12
d/b+1+2, [m] headbutt, very slow, bounds
Ground Throws


f+2 hitbox reduced
SS+2 evasive properties reduced
FC d/f+2 , does not guarantee u/f+4 or WS+3 on CH
3~4, launch punishable on block
u/f+3, juggles on CH
WR+3, new animation, -ve frames on block, wall splats
f+1+2, Bounds on CH
ff+3, new homing move

new moves
WS+1,4 [m,h] NC, KND on NH - similar to feng's CH b+1-, wall splats
d+1+2 [l] hard to see on reaction, short range, KND on NH
d/b+1, 1+2 [m,l] 2nd hit KND on CH


Quote "desiprince11"
1,2 longer range
FLA f+4 tracks 360
ss+3+4 is now -14 instead of -16
d+4,3,3 on CH has the same + frame property as d/f+4,4 on CH.
d+4,4,"CH 4" grounds opponent (SLD)
f,f+4 SLD on CH
u/f+2 SLD on CH
T6 f+4/FLA f+4 is now f+3+4/FLA f+3+4
SS+1 is now d+1, making low jab = d/b+1
d+3,3 no longer NC. However, the second hit is still unparriable.

new moves
d/f+1,3_ws+1,3 (m,h~FLA)
goes into FLA on both block and hit. Linear.

f+2,1,4 (m,h,l)
notable frame advantage on hit.

u/b+4 (m)
high crush mid. Similar hit stun animation as Bryan's d/b+2. Linear.

ss+3 (L)
ground-hitting(?) low. Recovers in crouch. Nothing special except + frame on CH.

ws+2,1 (m,m)
B! Safe on block, NC(?). Hit confirmable. Stable d/b+4 combo follow-up. If the first punch is blocked, it does not bound even if the second hit is CH.

d+1,4 (m,m)
No info regarding to this move yet. The starting punch is of the old ss+1.


d/f+2 launches on CH
HS does not KND
WS+2,2 does not juggle

new moves
3~4 [h,h]
CD+3,2 [m,h]
ff+4~4 [m,m]
HS, 1+2 NC, KND on NH
d/f+1+2 [m]
d+1 [m]
ff+3 [m]
WS+1,3 [m,m]


1,2,4~F cancels MTS
CH 3,2 stuns but no longer guarantees f+3, leaves them FDFA
d/f+2 is -12 on block
f+3+4 only stuns on CH
d/f+1,4~4 only stuns on CH
SS+1 is now SS+1+2
bb+1 is now b+1+2
bb+4 is now d/b+3+4
MTS 2 gives greater pushback

new moves
d/b+2,1,4 [m,m,m] 14 frames, similar to bryan's f+2,1,4, last hit is jab punishable
d+3+4, Bounds, similar to chreddy's bound move from handstand
CD+2 [m], launches
MTS 3, knee, KND, jab punishable


qcb+2 [m]
qcb+3, +2 on hit, -14 on block
ff+4 bounds

new moves
1+2, 2 [m,m] 15 frames, spinning punch attack -12/13
d/b+1+2 [m] similar to Steve's SF, flips opp. in air on NH, if Wall is nearby b+1 will bound
qcf+1+2, [m] elbow, -12?

d+2,4 is now SS+2,4 [m,m]

new moves
ff+2,3 [m,l] 2 is jab punishable, 3 can be parried on reaction, KND on NH
d+2,3 [m,m] to RLX, safe, +9 on hit
WR+3 [l] low slide that transitions to RLX


f+3+4~3+4 can cancel into VTS
CH qcf+2 no longer KND
CH d/b+2 KND
b+3+4 counter reverses all high/mids now
d/b+1+2 less pushback
d/f+1, new animation, same properties
SS+2, forces crouch on hit, can go to VTS

new moves
b+4 [m], 16-18 frames, KND on CH, -10
b+1+2, [m] 18-20 frames, safe
SS+4, [m] similar to bob's SS+1+2, safe, KND on NH
f+1+4 [m], diving attack, KND on hit, marduk is grounded after this move
VTS d+1+2 [l,m] , two hits, big damage around 30, -23
WS+2 [m] stuns on CH, -10
f+3,2 [m,m] NCc, 2nd hit bounds on CH into combo


1,1,2 no wall splat
b+1,2 damage reduced
d/f+4,4 pushback on block reduced
HS,4 NC, bounds backwards on CH, juggle is 1+4, b+1,2
WS+2 new animation, launches like lili u/f+3
LC first two hits are -12
LS does not launch, sends opponent flying backwards

new moves
f+4,3 [m,m] NC can't delay, hold U to FLY 3 B! guranateed, bounds facedown
u+4 [m] , safe, hopkick hold U to FLY 3 B! bounds facedown, Hit confirmable
ff+4, [h] homing move, safe, looks like bryan ff+4


WS+2 is -9
f+3+4,4 KND on CH

new moves
f+3,4 [m,m] NC, launches, -16

b+1+2 KND on NH, KND is similar to CH version as they go rolling back, nothing guaranteed
d/f+2+3, new KND FDFT
FC d/f+2, new KND animation opp. seems to bound but too far away for a juggle, f+3+4 only guaranteed follow up
ff+1+2, [h] same properties as before, seems safer

new moves
2,4 [h,l] NC similar to paul's, very slow and obvious though
d/b+1+2, 1+2 Unblockable cancel to throw shift, it is slow though
u/f+2 [m] spinning double punch, KND on NH FUFA, 1+2 guaranteed, safe

1,1,2 no wall splat
d+1,2 removed
d+1 new animation, shorter range, 17f, Bounds
f+4, +3 on block, does not leave opp. in FC on block
WS+4,4 pushback on block removed

new moves
SS+3,4 [h,m]
WS+1, [m] knockback similar to steve's CH d/f+2
d+3 [l] similar to d/f+1+2 except he raises his legs, KND on NH FDFA, hits grounded

LFF WR+3 bounds, new animation
b+4 [m] homing move, 15 frames, safe
WS+3 bounds
CD+3 auto transition to LFS
WS+4,4 no pushback on block or hit anymore
LFS d/b+3_RFS d/b+4 gives KND on CH
CH RFF 4 does not guarantee a combo
RFF 3,4 hold ~f or ~b to transition to FLA
LFF d+3,4 jails on hit
LFS b+4 gives guaranteed damage on CH
LFS d/f+3 on hit guarantees d/f+1 or d/f+4

New moves
u/f+3+4,4 [m,h,m] 15-16 frames, punishable, jumping attack
4,4,3 [h,h,m] Bounds
RFF d+4 [l] stomp, +frames on hit
RFF d/f+3[m], homing move, pushback on block makes it hard to punish, KND on hit
LFS d/b+4 [l] +6 on hit
LFS u/f+4 [m] plasma blade from LFS, launches, -12/13

1+2,1+2 [m,m,m] Zangief's tornado punches, safe -first two hits-, last hit is d+1+2 hammer

new moves
b+3,2,2 [m,h,h] used as juggle ender, floats if opp. tries to stand up quickly used in oki mixups
ff+4 [m] long range, quite fast, safe, wall splats

1+2 [m,m,h], 3 hits instead of 5, used as a wall combo
u/b_u_u/f+4, stuns like steve CH b+1 on NH -b+2,1 to pick up-, launches like normal on CH
b+2,1 not NC if delayed, range reduced
3~3 no longer KND, puts opp. in FC on hit
HS, b+2,1 picks up opp. BT so juggle seems more limited
1,2,3 cannot use d/f+1 to follow up on hit
ff+3 KND on NH FDFA, d+2 guaranteed
f+4 range reduced

new moves
d/f+4 [h] axe kick -similar to d/b+2,3-, bounds
WS+3_CD+3 [m], jumping mid kick, homing move
d/f+1+2 replaces old CDS+2 punch parry
CDS+2 [m] power punch, good damage
u/b_u_u/f+3 [m]

ff+3 is -14
WS+2,2>1+2, no longer HC-able

new moves
b+1_spin~1+2 [m] overhead smash, bounds, safe
ff+1+2 [h] fast double punch attack, KND like Feng's CH b+1, opp. can back roll nothing guaranteed
1,1,4 [h,m,l] no 1+2 followups, 4 looks like her d+3, forces opp. into FC on hit, if 4 is CH u/f+4,3 guaranteed
1,2,1,2 [h,h,m,l] d/f+3+4 is guaranteed after last hit

1,1,2 no wall splat
d/f+4,4 no pushback on block
d/f+3 range reduced
f+4 +3 on block, does not force opp. into FC
d/b+4, damage reduced -does not spark on NH-, less + frames on NH
Standalone HS does not trip
HS, 4 opp. is BT after hit by 2nd 4
d/f+1,4 new animation -similar to his standing 4-, same properties only combo possibilities have been reduced

new moves
2,2 [h,m] NC, 10f punisher, 35 dmg
f+3 [m], long range, 14f, safe due to pushback, crumple stun on CH nothing guaranteed
d/f+3,2,1 [m,m,m] NCc, over 50 damage, HC-able, wall splats, KND on NH, if standalone 1 hits stuns like Steve's f+1+2, -16
SS+3 [m], very slow -over 30 frames-, stuns like his CH d/f+2 on hit only sideways

ff+1, [m] homing move, wall splats, safe
GS damage is now 35,20
GS2 damage reduced
FC d/f+2, new stun animation -same as Kazuya's CH d/f+2-, same combos still work
WS+2,[m] new animation -looks like his FC d/f+2-, stuns on CH for combo, safe
d/b+4 damage increased
ff+2,1 first hit can be cancelled by holding ~b
CH b+1 into d/f+2,1 is unreliable, f+2,2 is more consistent

new moves
d/b+2, [m] elbow, safe, bounds, KND on NH, free GT attempt
u+1+2 throw, choke slam, hold ~B to throw backwards, if wall is nearby d/b+,2 or f+2,2,2 to B! wall combo, 1+2 break -long break window-
iSW on wall, wall throw, 35 damage

f+1,1,1 launches like lili u/f+3

new moves
d/b+1,2 [h,m] quite fast around 12f, bounds
HBS d/f+2 [m] slower version of WS+1, launches
hcf2,2 [h,l] mixup with hcf 2,1 -apparently hcf2,2 is too obvious so it's not a reliable mixup either-
f+2,1 [h,h] NC, KND, safe, doesn't jail

SS+2 is now b+2
b+3~3+4 can transition to HMS
d/b+3+4 is now d/b+4

new moves
b+2,4,3 [h,h,h] NCc, HC-able, first 2 hits NC, can transition to HMS, ~f to Mist step
b+2,4,3+4 [h,h] Transitions to HMS
d+2[m] mid gut punch, crushes highs, breakable stun on CH
u/f+3,1 [m,m] KND on CH, bounds, used in oki situations, -10
f+3+4 [m,m] jumping attack
HMS 1+2 [m,m] safe -good pushback-

BT d+1 no longer trips on NH, juggles like normal on CH
d/b+4 only juggles on CH
CRN u/f+3 DR properties, safe on block
CRN has auto block again
CRN to PTN transition more evasive properties
ff+3+4 goes to Sleep stance upon landing
BT 2 [m] new animation, no longer launches
PNT 1 no longer trips
All rave sweeps~f lead to DRU except FCD 3~4
fn4,1~f goes to TGR
DRU u/b+1+2~1 [m] cancels drink to mid attack

new moves
f+3,1 [m,h] mid kick to snake strike, doesn't jail
FCD 3 [l] new ravespin low
u+1+2 new stance transition, press ~d to go to KND
TGR 3~f4 [l]

CH d/b+2,2 no longer grants KND
KNK 4 new animation, similar to lili ff+4
WS+3,1 no KND on NH
qcf+1 [l] new animation, low chop -similar to Drag d+2-
1~f is now u/b+1

new moves
BOK 3 [h] jumping kick, homing move
b+1,4~KNK [m,m] first hit stuns on CH -similar to feng's fb+1-
WS+3,1,2 last hit is high, bounds

u/f+3 launch back to DR status
qcf+1 is now FC d/f+1
d/b+4 juggle on NH
f+4 [h] 17f, new animation, long range, KND on NH, -14 though implements pushback
ff+4 is not +5 on hit, now +3 on hit, -13
d/f+4,4 slightly safer
d/b+3+4 KND on NH
WS+3,4 bounds
d+3 is a homing move
f+3+4~3,4 damage reduced
2,4 NC, range reduced
f+1+2 14 frames, forces crouch on hit - +3 on hit -, bounds, safe

new moves
b+1 [m] crushes highs, breakable stun on CH
f+2,3 [h,m] 13f, NCc, KND on NH, -10/11
qcf+1,2 good damage on CH -both hits spark-, delayable, 2nd hit on CH stuns

AOP u/f+4~BT recovers faster
AOP 2,1 2nd hit has lots of pushback

new moves
f+1+2 [m] shoulder/ass, KND, same as anna
b+4,4 [m,h]
RDS ff+1
AOP 1,2 [m,h] 2nd hit goes to RDS
RDS d+4 [l] sweep, trips up close, similar properties with CH SS+4, blockable on reaction
d/f+3,4 NC if undelayed, axe kick to AOP, 2nd hit comes out of AOP,

d+2,3 launches like DJ WS+2, -15
WS+1,2 is -17, shifting to DSS will autoparry punches
d/f+2, no longer 14f, reduced tracking
d/b+3 is -11
DSS 3 is now DSS f+3
DSS 2 from T6 is now DSS f+2
u/f+3,4 launches like DJ ws+2

new moves
b+3+4 [m] step back into mid kick, slow, big range, wall splats, cannot transition to DSS, -17
b+2,2 [m,h] NC, bounds, not HC-able,
DSS 2 [h] bounds, KND on NH like f+1+2
d+3+4,3 [l,m] DR's d+4,3
u/f+3+4 stomp, hits grounded, too slow-useless
DSS 3 [h] homing move, short range, wall splats
DSS 1,4 [h,h] NC

ff+4,2 is now f+4,2, HC-able
SAV d/b+4 can juggle with WS+4
ff+2,1 KND far away -no oki followup-, jails if undelayed, -10
SAV 2 bounds
f+2,1 removed
d/f+4,1,1 is -10
d/b+1 to WS+4 juggle is stricter in regards to the axis
SAV d/b+4 -15, launch on block

new moves
3+4 goes to SAV
SAV u/f+3 [m] stuns on NH like b+1+2 with same juggle followup
d/b+4 [l] okay range, -15
d/b+3,4 [l,l]
f+2 [h] KND on CH

SS+1 is -10
SS+1~f is +7 on block
SS+1~b is +2 on block
d/b+2 is a homing move, KND on NH, crumple stun on CH, -12
b+2,2,2~u_d cancels last hit into SS

new moves
qcf+3 [l] slide, 22-24f, similar to lili's, KND on CH FDFA, -3 to -5 on hit, -15 on block
f+4,4 [h,h] 16 frames, juggles on NH like her 5.0 f+3
u/f+2,1 [m,m] 18f, NCc, bounds straight into juggle, crushes lows, not HC-able, first hit is -10, 2nd hit is -13
WS+3,4 KND on NH - to PLD -, safe

DF lost some pushback
CH 3,2 2nd hit will cause Crumple stun, followup with d/b+2 to juggle
qcf+1+2 safer than T6 version, no longer -15
Demo Man has more pushback if d+4 fails to trip opp. they will be pushed back way too much to punish

new moves
d/b+2 [m] gut punch, juggle on CH, similar to his WS+2
b+1,2 [h,m] NC, bounds, forces crouch on hit, 12f, -10
qcf+3+4 [m] jumping knee -similar to King's CD+4-, crushes lows, good pushback on block

qcf+2 has been slowed down, easier to block on reaction
JF buzzsaw has been removed
qcf+1,3+4 elbow into Vanish stance

new moves
f+1+2, [m] similar to his BT 1+2, KND on NH
SDW 1,4 [h,h] jab into high kick
3+4,1+2 [m]
3+4,3 [l] also replaces old ffn+3 animation

WS+2,2 is safe
d/f+1+2 Bounds
d/b+3, d/f+4 or crouch jab won't float for combo though b+1+2, 1+2 will bound BT for a combo
d+3+4 string is now FC 4

New moves
b+1+2, 1+2 [m,m,m] Azazel's rolling attack, KND on NH, bounds
d+3+4 [l] low poke
b+3+4 is new windup stance
b+3+4,1 [h] apparently old fn+1
b+3+4,2 [m]
u/b+3 [m,m,m]

WR+2 no combo on NH -opp. can instant backroll-, juggles on CH
WS+1,3 KND on 2nd hit
WS+2 launches like paul WS+2 -f+2,4 will flip opp. afterwards, 4,1 will as well but harder timing-

new moves
f+3,2 [m,h] right punch after f+3, does not jail
f+4,4,3 [h,h,h] new spinning left kick after f+4,4 , seems useless outside of juggles -mainly wall carry-
qcf+3 [l] sliding low similar to Nina qcf+3, -frames on hit, launch on block, throw shift on CH

SS+2 is now SS+1+2
ff+2 no longer guarantees d/b+2
d/f+1,2 no longer jails

new moves
b+2 [m] gut punch similar to bryan d/b+2, stuns on CH
WS+1+2 [m] 17f, long range, launches like JU -dash f+2,1 followup or dash DCK 1-, -13 on block
PAB d+2 [l] slow, KND on NH FDFT, WS+4 punishable
PAB f+2 KND on NH, -10
PAB b+2 [m] very slow, KND on NH

u/f+4 new animation
1+2 no longer KND's on NH
f+1+2 no longer KND on NH

new moves
1,1,2 [h,h,m]
d/b+2,4,1 [m,m,m]
f+2,2 [h,m] 2nd hit KND on NH
f+4,1+2,2 [m,m,m] last hit KND
ff+2 [h]

quote "amphreded"

ws+2,1,2_BT 1,2 (m,h,m_h,m)
The old f+1+2 is now in NSS only.
Only the first hit of d/b+3,3,3 series hits ground.
No conventional low jab, but can possibly done by d/f~d_d/b~d+1
Fc d/f+4 cannot be done from d~d/f+4
Shorter 1+4 range
f,F+4 turnaround jab juggle is no longer applicable.

new moves
ws+2,1,3_BT 1,3 (m,h,h_h,h)
Last kick is now high, sends opponent far.

NSS 2,1 (h,h,h)
KND on hit. NOT the same as his old DR 2,1 (wall splat?, NC?)

d+2>2 (m,m)
high crush, jab punishable on block. NC only if not delayed. A possible CS launcher on CH(?)

3~4 (m,m)
NC, + on hit, safe on block. ~u into DGF. Tracks Yoshi's left.

1SS f+1+2 (m)
Yoshi's new B! attack. Safe and push back on block.

NSS Fc d/f+1,2 (l,L)
Swordless spin extention to another spin that hits ground opponent. Massive stun on 2nd CH.

d/f+2 range reduced
ff+4 range reduced
d+2,3,4 launch on block, d+2,3~d goes to TRT
WS+1 is jab punishable
MNT d/f+3 goes to BT

new moves
1,4 [h,m] goes to Tarantula
d/b+3 [l]
MNT 1 [m]
WS+1,2 [m,m] if standalone 2 hits then combo is guaranteed, interruptible by jabs

Bueno, espero que esto sea un real aporte... alguien ke le tradusca y lo pone mas abajito

Saludos desde el Sur de Chile....

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